The Coalition for an Ethical Psychology is dedicated to putting psychology on a firm ethical foundation in support of social justice and human rights. The Coalition has been in the lead of efforts to remove psychologists from torture and abusive interrogations.

APA's PENS Report: Safe, Legal, Ethical, and Effective?

This 3-minute video -- "APA's PENS Report: Safe, Legal, Ethical, and Effective?" -- highlights the close and deeply problematic links between the Bush Administration's defense of its abusive and torturous "enhanced interrogation program" and the American Psychological Association's stance that psychologists' involvement helps to keep detainee interrogations "safe, legal, ethical, and effective." The video includes clips of former U.S. Army Surgeon General Kevin Kiley, former President George W. Bush, former Vice-President Dick Cheney, and the APA's Ethics Office Director Stephen Behnke.